Thursday, January 2, 2014

Missional Ministry CoachingTM
with Duane Clinker
supporting missional ministry through focused listening and reflection
Opportunities are open for three months of complimentary coaching for pastors who hunger for mercy, justice, spiritual and parish renewal.

Many pastors sense a call to the transformation of their parishes through social holiness, discipleship, and radical openness to all who seek the Way of Jesus.   However, accepting this call quickly moves a pastor beyond traditional patterns of ministry and often provokes push-back from within the church.  Renewal ministry can be joyous and hard, beautiful and bewildering, and lonely, all at the same time.  

Over my years in ministry, I have often felt the need for conversation and reflection with experienced mentors who really understand this special call, who can listen in confidence, and who help pastors focus on a strategy for the work.  Now, in retirement, I want to help others in this process.

The PURPOSE of Missional Ministry Coaching is to provide individualized pastoral resources in social holiness ministry with three specific goals:

  1. To provide a confidential, listening ear, for the pastor to share frustrations and concerns, and in so doing, explore practical options for transformation.
  2. To deepen spiritual relationships that can support the pastor in his/her work.   
  3. To help the pastor develop/implement a renewal strategy that is informed by both historical and contemporary experience.

The PROCESS of coaching during the three months will include:

  • Twice monthly personal listening & reflection sessions on your ministry & strategy.
  • Specific reading suggestions for perspective and grounding purposes.
  • Feedback, connectional prayer, and conversation by email/phone as required.

I want to hear and affirm your own unique journey, call and context.  I want to share a confidential ear, a focused eye, and perhaps suggest some historical experience or contemporary resources for your work in missional renewal ministry.  

MY EXPERIENCE includes 35+ years of combined community and faith-based organizing, and parish ministry work, including the founding of the Open Table of Christ, UMC in Providence.  I have engaged in practical social holiness ministry and visioning, studied and made on-site visits to renewal churches in the US, Britain and Ireland.  In my ministry I have engaged with multitudes of written works, particularly those rooted in historic Wesleyan renewal movements, and completed a D.Min degree on “John Wesley and the Poor.”  I have experienced the failures and breakthroughs, heartbreaks and joys of ministry, and I have reflected deeply on our changing situations in the light of the radical call of Jesus.

I am seeking three pastors with whom I can work as an consultant/coach in ministry during a complimentary experimental period early in 2014.

To explore more:

To consider this possibility for your ministry, please send a note of interest for mission coaching, or questions, to. . . 

FaceBook message:  Duane Clinker
Call 401-440-4229 and leave a message

This invitation is open through January, 2014
What does the Lord require, but to do justice, love mercy
and walk humbly with God   (Micah 6:8)

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